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Ameri-Swiss 3D reconstruction services
Puidoux, Switzerland


Duane & Corinne Kemp, a team with a demonstrated history of working in the fields of Web design, Graphic design, 3D visualisation, Concept Development, Corporate Identity/Branding, Marketing/Advertising, 3D reconstruction and prototype development.

Corinne Kemp:
Corinne holds the Federal certificates as Web Project Manager & Digital Project Manager with 32 years in the field of graphic design and Web Publisher/Designer certified since 2000.

Experience includes Corporate Identity/Branding specialist, Graphic Design for print and web with some notable employers such as the Swiss Parliament, and Mercy Ships.

Simply, Corinne is the backbone of Kemp Productions' creative graphic/web publishing/print expertise.

Duane Kemp:
Reconstruction specialist, 3D Visualisation/Modeller, Concept designer specialising in the use of SketchUp and Thea Render.

Duane started working with SketchUp in 2007-2008. He has been doing 3D modelling and rendering professionally since. He became an Alpha/Beta tester with ArtVPS/ Shaderlight in 2011 and his renders were used for international marketing of the version 2 or the plugin. He won in three International Modelling Render Contest, two organised by Shaderlight and the other by SketchUp Texture.

Trimble invited him to be a Beta tester in 2014 and then an Alpha tester the following year. Since then, he has become Alpha/Beta tester of numerous SketchUp plugins including Thea Render by Altair, Unicorn Render by Space Tech International, Vray and Corona Render for SU (Currently by Chaos Group), SUbD by Evil Software Empire, Placemaker & Skimp by Mind.Sight.Studios, Skatter & Transmutr by Lindalë, Component Finder & Flextools by Flexlabs and ClothWorks By Anton Synytsia.

In 2014, Duane became head administrator of Trimble SketchUp Facebook Group bringing membership from below 8'000 to 29'000+ today.
Other 3D related Facebook groups he is head admin or co-admin:
- THEA RENDER (SLUG - Shade and Light User Group)
- SLUG 3D Collective
- SLUG Organic 3D
- SLUG 3D Art & Design
- CGShareNet
- Architecture Ideas Community
- SketchUp
- SketchUpArtists Community
- 3D Automotive Models & Rendering
- Maxon Cinema 4D User Collective
- SketchyPhysics

Currently, Duane is a Greater Powers Game Modeller/Designer & Buildings and Structures Team Leader at Darkstar Games Corp.

3D is his passion.


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Software proficiency

Final Cut Pro
Final Cut Pro
Thea Render
Thea Render